Naudingos nuorodos
Collaboration with Visegrad group

The State Medicines Control Agency under the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania (SMCA) is continuing its collaboration with the Visegrad group. 

The Visegrad group has renewed their agreement to collaborate on the topic of medicines in 2019 in Warsaw, Poland, where the ministers of health of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania and Slovakia had signed the memorandum of understanding. 

The SMCA had a discussion with colleagues from Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia regarding the Health technology assessment. On April 23rd, a teleconference was organized during which participants shared their experience regarding the assessment of medicines used in oncology. The emphasis of the discussion was on clinical trial endpoints used for survival analysis. 

The knowledge gained from the discussion will be used to further improve the HTA process in Lithuania, and the assessors are looking forward to further collaboration and meetings, hopefully, face to face, once Europe is open again.